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A commitment to product quality books

Weifang Huali Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. production of "three Beverly the series tap antifreeze valve has obtained national patent, with independent intellectual property rights, in strict accordance with the GB/T12225 national standards and Q/SWJ001-2008 of standards organizations produced. Our company in strict accordance with the ISO9001-2008 international quality management system regulations and requirements of each process on the product quality from raw material procurement, casting, testing, machining, testing, assembly, overall performance test, paint, packaging until finished product, have a full-time technical staff to implement a strict process control management.
The material of the products are made of international high-quality materials, the body uses wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant brass materials other parts made of carbon steel material. The entire manufacturing process to enforce strict process to elaborate. In order to ensure the overall performance of the product, the quality of the product is stable, durable. The product can be widely used in rural courtyards, plazas, fire, schools, villas, docks, and other scenic the winter the antifreeze outdoor water pipe system, prevent water pipes freeze Donglie.
Three Beverly series products have passed the test of national and provincial quality supervision departments were qualified, all kinds of indicators have reached the standard requirements and product quality certificate issued by the Japan Hokkaido waterway equipment club. To ensure the reliability of the product quality.
Therefore, I solemnly promise:
Use of our products and operate in strict accordance with the instructions for use of the company's products and installation construction specifications (non-demolition), the system pressure in the nominal pressure allowed to run, no additional load implement and comply with the installation specifications, the main properties of the product to ensure normal a minimum of six years.

Sales service commitment and safeguards

"To meet the needs and expectations of customers is our top priority" when you need direct contact with our dealer or our service department, we will be happy to serve you.
A. 【Rich reserves]
The company has specialized parts warehouse, and the amount of five hundred thousand reserves to meet the demand of the market.
II. 【Professional technical track]
The company has a full-time technical staff responsible for the products, service, and commitment to arrive at the scene, three working days in the province, the domestic region within 1000 km of six business days to arrive at the scene.
III. [Quality after-sales service]
The company has specialized after-sales service, the user can directly call the service telephone related matters. Difficult advisory guarantee to give reply within 24. To ensure that the interests of users, as well as to my company product better long-term quality tracking, users fill out a product warranty card and return the company. The service department will regularly follow up call to the user to leave contact information so that we can keep abreast of product usage and consumer requests for proposals.
IV. 【Efficient logistics and transport]
The company has a dedicated logistics department and major domestic logistics companies to ensure the fastest service of user location. This requires the user to provide detailed address and contact details.
V. 【Pragmatic repair tie]
This product installation found to have quality problems, we will be the fastest speed to give the exchange. Over the warranty period or damage to the product due to other causes, regardless of the length of time, as long as the user needs, we will actively cooperate to solve, the costs incurred are charged at cost price charged, not profitability charges.
Belong to the following products (including parts) failure or damage, are not included in the warranty included.
1, parts of the products provided by our company, its suppliers provide warranty service.
2, the product has exceeded the warranty period.
3, the user to install and use the product did not follow my company's products use the instructions to install and use due to damage to the product.
4, the cause of failure due to force majeure or unexpected factors or human intentional reasons.