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1, the mechanical engineer
Healthy thinking correct, law-abiding
2 Work Experience: not less than 1 year relevant work experience in large and medium-sized enterprises
3, the professional background requirements: mechanical design and manufacturing expertise, mechatronics, science and engineering professions
4 Education: college or above
5, age requirements: 23-year-old, 50-year-old male or female
Personal qualities: very careful, man of integrity, a strong sense of responsibility, pay attention to the principle.
7, have a good knowledge of mechanical parts drawing; familiar with the use of drawing instruments and tools, and maintenance of knowledge; proficient in AutoCAD drawing software; independently or with others to accomplish more complex mechanical parts drawing; serious and responsible, rigorous and meticulous, with good the spirit of innovation and teamwork.
2 Marketing Customer Service

1, the age requirement of 23-30-year-old, male or female.
2, standard Mandarin language skills, subjective awareness, with a strong business development capabilities.
3, will be the basis of office software and network knowledge, there is more than one year of experience in telesales, college education, marketing professional priority.
4, patient, responsible and capable of continuous learning.
5, the day-to-day telephone customer service work, taking into account the sales desk.
6, good customer contact maintenance work to assist sales managers and sales personnel.
3, lathe operator
1, age 23-40 years old, male-dominated
2, machinery manufacturing and design professional, technical schools, mechatronics or mechanical, CNC professional training school graduates.
3, love their jobs, there is some theoretical basis and practical foundation.
4, certain machinery industry related workshops frontline experience
4, product assembly work
1, age 22-40 years old, male or female, academic level
2, strong hands, love machinery industry
3, familiar understanding of parts of the machinery industry standard parts
4, hard-working, subject to management.
5, salespeople
Quickly ability to accept new products, hard-working professionalism.

2 strong oral communication skills, strong business etiquette, speak Mandarin.

Love sales this career, running the business for more than three years of actual work experience.

4 have a case of successful sales individual experience in business negotiations.

Building water supply and drainage professional, marketing professional, mechanical engineering, mechatronics professional priority.