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  • Name: Anti-return overflow drain valve (deodorant and valve)
  • No.: 019
  • Time: 2012-08-13
  • Views : 87

[Anti-return to overflow-way drain valve the (deodorant valve) works]
The working principle of the patented product is when the drainage is required, the water discharged through the valve drain outlet into the internal sinks, to automatically open the sealing flap of the valve body so that the water discharged to the sewer through the outlet port under the water gravity; When water emptying, sealing flap is no longer exposed to water release pressure, the automatic shutter to recover balance block to its original position and sealing the outlet port, play a role in anti-return overflow. To prevent dirty water return or odor from the sewer overflow pollution the upper plumbing or indoor air. Overcome the water seal the floor drain and S-type and P-type trap microbial contaminated pipe water in easy to breed, and in the case of prolonged drainage, water seal the memory of water due to natural evaporation of communicating and the upper pipe will still pollution pipeline the shortcomings of the product is the most suitable for installation in water pipes emptying antifreeze valve outfall. Play a role in anti-return overflow. Can also be installed on the wash basin, and the basin, tub drains. Prevent winter drainage water seal intranet water in easy the ball knot even frozen broken that can not be drained.
The product has a simple structure, easy installation and operation, and long service life, low maintenance cost advantages. Bring freedom drainage, drainage, environmental effects of the anti-return overflow automatically. DNl5, DN20, DN32, DN40 and other commonly used product specifications. The village quality brass and PPR.