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  • Name: Antifreeze valve TC3-2-15(14)HD
  • No.: 009
  • Time: 2012-08-13
  • Views : 472

Functions and Characteristics
1. The structure of separation between water and electricity in the valve cartridge can ensure the separation between valve-stem drive room and waterway, avoiding the drive system failure incurred by water scaling, and electric leakage, and enhancing its safety.
2. The space in the valve cartridge is expanded, which enhances the water-flow capacity and guaranteeing that the water flow could meet the consumer’s demand.
3. Exhalent siphon could be linked with thread inside and outside water tank of the solar water heater via flange coupling, which caters to both the wall-mounted and top-mounted solar water heater in the present market.
4. Biforate suction inside the main valve body could be plugged in the water tank, which increases the capacity of air input.
5. The high pulling torque and low-power engine installed inside the main body could ensure a double-protection, strong power and low consumption of electricity, with an annual energy consumption of less than 10 kwh.
6. The main valve body is manufactured with high-quality brass in a sophisticated way, which features its non-deformation, and its high-pressure and corrosion resistance. The yellow brass inside the valve could act as sterilizer, ensuring water safety and prolonging its service life.
7. Strong magnetizer is installed in the valve body, which can magnetize the water and reduce the production of scale and avoid the corrosion to the valve body. In addition, the yellow brass and scale removal of the valve body could sterilize the water and remove algae inside the valve, promoting human’s health.
Technical Parameters


Schematic Diagram of Water-flow Magnetization


1. Water could be magnetized instantly when it flows through the magnetizer installed inside the valve.
2. The corrosion of the limewater to the pipe could be avoided.
3. The magnetized water can promote human’s health.
Schematic Diagram of Water Quality Comparison between Pre-magnetization and Post-magnetization