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  • Name: Tap water antifreeze valve FH20-1
  • No.: 002
  • Time: 2012-08-13
  • Views : 251

Performance Features
1. The product has completely replaced the traditional antifreezing approach of pipe covering, running water, heating tapes, etc.
2. It is easy to install under the guidance of its explicit instructions and no professional service is needed.
3. The product is qualified with small size, easy maintenance and long service life.
4. It could ensure non-frozen faucet when the heating system stops working and the temperature falls -40ºC.
5. It is a unique proprietary product assembled with imported components, embodying the cooperation between China and Japan.
6. It could be installed with standard connectors without reconstructing the original water system.
7. It does not need any insulating layer or heating tools, which can save the insulating cost.
8. It features for its multiuse, with water flowing from the on-valve and antifreezing from off-valve.
Technical Parameters

Performance Indicators in Common Use





(1) Under normal water-supply condition, make sure the water faucet is closed, spin the handle of the antifreezing valve to its end in line with the water-supply arrow (inlet arrow), then use the tap water directly.
(2) Under antifreezing condition, in deep-freezing weather, spin the handle of the antifreezing valve to its end in line with the water-drain arrow, then turn on the tap of the antifreezing valve to make sure all the water is drained. And finally turn off the tap.                                                         

Water Supply (Inlet)                             Water Drain(Outlet)


Installation Precautions
1. The dust on the valve and connectors should be removed before installation.
2. Make sure upward slope of the horizontal pipe from the valve reaches less than 1/100.
3. When installing the antifreezing valve in an inspection shaft, please make sure 200mm is left for water seepage, which could be filled with special water seepage net or cobblestones.
4. Keep the valve from heating and outdoor exposure, and do not install the valve into the non-water pipe.
5. Make sure the arrow on main body of the valve is in line with the inlet water during the installation.
6. Please install the antifreezing valve under the deep-freezing ground. If the valve is installed above the ground, please make sure the pipe ahead of the valve is not frozen and no thermal insulation is needed after the valve.
7. In deep-freezing weather, turn the handle of the valve to its end in line with the water-drain arrow, and drain off the water. Meanwhile, turn on the tap after the valve, then turn off the tap after draining off the water. The handle of the valve should be turned to its end rather than in the middle.
8. It is advised that anti-flow (or deodorization) valve should be installed at the outlet of the antifreezing valve to keep away from the polluted water or gas.
9. It is advised that a general valve should be installed before the antifreezing valve for the convenience of future maintenance.
Installation Diagram of Antifreezing Valve and Antifreezing Valve with Extension Rod



The installation should be conducted in line with actual condition. Or consumers could refer themselves to the standard installation diagrams of Weifang Sanhuali Machinery Science & Technology Co., Ltd.