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  • Name: Suction valve
  • No.: 020
  • Time: 2012-07-25
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Suction valve performance characteristics
Brass or stainless steel body, float and spool brass high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistant.
Differential pressure works only inhale the exhaust opening and closing flexible;
Without manual operation, the automatic suction action, qi sensitive adequate intake quantity.
The internal sealing parts are tapered hard seal, to make up for past product uses the plastic or rubber circle Mifengbuyan the disadvantage of;
The float movement slight noise meters away you can not hear the sound; does not form ambient noise.
Technical parameters
Use media: eliminate vacuum destructive heat pipes or steam pipe or water pipe system.
Medium temperature :0-150 ℃
Nominal pressure: 0 6Mpa-1.0Mpa
Floating in a sealed pressure: 0.02 ~ 0.6Mpa
Body material: brass or stainless steel
Application Standard: GB/T12225 alloy casting conditions
The pressure test should comply with the provisions of the Taiwan standard GB/T13927-2008.
Suction valve works
Pressure piping systems in pressure disappears If the outside air is not inhaled within the system, will inevitably lead to negative pressure is generated by the formation of a vacuum in the pipeline, the pipeline system is destroyed, even explosion danger order. The suction valve can be provided in the system pressure disappears instantaneous Chuang rapid inhalation of large quantities of outside air, so that the pressure within the system and balanced by the atmospheric pressure, to ensure that the piping system is not compromised due to the negative pressure. It is a no ventilation pipe can maintain a steady pressure in the tube attachments. Is provided at the top of each layer horizontal tube of the most high-end, or separated by several layers of risers. So, to say that the suction valve is essential to reduce the negative pressure in the piping system auxiliary components, heating systems are widely used in high-rise buildings, pipe plant in the region, small pumping station antifreeze device pressure pipe and heat steam pipe. Often provided in the highest point of the piping system, or a local maximum point, and automatically closed and opened, so that the pipe is equal to the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the damage of the piping or equipment, consumer vacuum.
The installation of the suction valve is mounted vertically, when the system pressure disappears instantly, floating pellet settlement in the double force of gravity system suction and automatically open the intake bar air through the cylinder into the hole into the pipe. When the pressure within the pipeline system, the float rises in the system under pressure, the cylinder intake holes security blocked. The intake valve is then completely closed state