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  • Name: Tap water Antifreeze bolt SH20*1200-3
  • No.: 006
  • Time: 2012-08-13
  • Views : 702

Functions and Characteristics 1.1. The antifreezing hydrant is manufactured with foreign advanced techniques and monitored by high-precision testing equipment in a high-precision digital control centre, with its main components imported from foreign countries to ensure its high quality. 2.2. The antifreezing hydrant boasts of its excellent design, high-quality bronze, copper and stainless steel, and long durability with a service life of 10 years. 3.3. No professional service is needed for its installation. With its explicit sign of “Inlet and Outlet”, it is easy to use, achieving the aim of “water flowing for the on-valve and pipe antifreezing for the off-valve.” 4.4. In deep-freezing weather, the antifreezing hydrant could empty the water in the pipe above the ground to avoid the incurrence of pipe burst in cold regions. 5.5. After its installation, vertical antifreezing hydrant does not use any insulating layer or thermal insulator, which demonstrates itself a good appearance and saves the insulating cost, ensuring water consumption and pipe antifreezing simultaneously.