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The three Beverly Enterprises mission
Committed to the plumbing antifreeze technology research and development and a leading position, the antifreeze water conservation as its mission to study the subject of plumbing antifreeze. Efforts to provide the community with high-quality products, services and ideas. Has always been adhering to the "service for the people antifreeze" spirit of enterprise, to improve the livelihood of the people, for the benefit of posterity. And development of scientific and technological innovation and creative thinking, and collaborators to share the wealth and honor, fight for the conservation of water resources, protection of the water environment.
The three Beverly's objectives
The world's most professional plumbing antifreeze system enterprise, and become an internationally renowned brand, so winter is no longer cold pipe.
The three Beverly Enterprises vision
The next three Beverly should be high-tech three-Beverly, three Beverly services, internationalization of three Beverly. Efforts to Hua Licheng as the most well-known brands of antifreeze equipment competitive, leading the global plumbing antifreeze new trend!
Three Beverly Background significance of the research and development of anti-freeze equipment
90% of the global land area have taken place in the winter frozen pipe phenomenon. Not only affect people's normal water and waste a lot of freshwater resources. The wide range of the world's water pipes freeze, the large loss of water resources, mankind is facing the threat of scarcity of fresh water resources in the increasingly intensified. Protection of water resources has become a global consensus and an important issue facing. Conserve energy, protect the environment, reduce the waste of water resources is imperative. R & D success of of three Beverly antifreeze valve to fill the gaps, and create a historical precedent for a the cold regions plumbing no insulation antifreeze and played greatly promote the development of the field of global pipeline antifreeze.
The three Beverly Enterprises strategy
build a high-tech enterprises of the field of plumbing antifreeze
the formation of a high-quality, high-level, high-tech, highly international competitiveness of independent research and development team
create an effective interactive chain interests, mutual benefit, common pin and win-win sustainable development platform
create a reasonable and legitimate, simple replication, teamwork, continuous double green marketing channel
open up a zero inventory operations, risk-free marketing, mutual co-operation of the new mode of operation
Three Beverly Values ​​system
uphold the integrity and performance oriented, eager to change.
with great enthusiasm to go all out to promote customer success.
The never adhere to quality standards and innovative spirit.
advocate energy saving and environmental protection, Thanksgiving back to society, and live in harmony.
respect and understanding, sincere cooperation, sharing friendship and honor.
compliment both ability and integrity staff to develop elite talent, creating opportunities for all talented people, so that they continue to grow and realize their dreams.
Focus on the Global More Signed in with the world.
determined to achieve the goal in any environment.
Beverly practicing attitude
First, respect for the individual.
Concern the dignity and rights of every person in the organization, not just convenient.
customer service.
To provide customers with the best service, not even once in a while, but consistently.
Third, the pursuit of excellence.
Firmly believe that all the work and the plan must be executed to excellence
Three Beverly management measures
Grasp the construction of three teams:
Manager team, sales force, the backbone of the team
Doing a good job in three areas of training:
Corporate culture, expertise, marketing skills
Safeguard three brands:
Corporate brand, brand personality brand
Three Beverly Staff spirit
Self-motivated and innovative.
Attention to detail, and the pursuit of perfection.
Teamwork, sincere and responsible.
Do not make excuses, Date Province Day.
Loyal dedicated, optimistic and motivated.
The three Beverly Enterprises concept
Corporate values: promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, and improving people's livelihood, and adhere to the service for the people of antifreeze.
Development Goals: winter is no longer cold tube
Development strategies: continuous improvement and development of innovative
Leading the new trend of plumbing antifreeze
Enterprise spirit: the spirit of hard work, entrepreneurial, pioneering spirit, the pursuit of excellence spirit of excellence.


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